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Funeral Insurance


Did you know that you can plan for your family with funeral insurance? This is a product that is sold to families to help cover the cost of a funeral in the event that a member of the family passes away.

While applying for funeral insurance in Kenya, you are urged to take the following into account for the best funeral cover in kenya and other cover companies.

Britam Funeral Cover ranged the best under funeral insurance.

Members of the covered group can include only members of a nuclear family (spouse and children including the legally adopted) and the biological parents of both spouses below age 75 years. Extended family members like brothers, sisters, grandparents etc. are not covered.

Individuals who may want to buy should be ready to pay the minimum premium for any option. One can also buy for less than 4 but again pay the minimum for any option.

Other funeral insurance cover companies.

There are several other companies that offer funeral insurance cover but we shall have a look at a few;

KCB funeral insurance

Funeral expenses are covered by this coverage. Upon receiving notice of death and supplying the necessary paperwork for the covered individuals, a predetermined sum is paid within 48 hours. Individuals, families, and groups can purchase the cover. Its key characteristics are: The cover is reasonably priced, practical and is renewable on an annual basis and finally, a wide range of benefits are provided.

Madison funeral cover

This special package was created for organizations so that members could properly send off their loved ones and avoid having to raise money for a lost member, spouse, or child. The compensation is given within 48 hours.

When a member of the organization or a close relative passes away, the policy was created to help organizations with funeral expenses. The fact that the policy is a yearly renewable one means that the employer pays the premiums on behalf of its employees.

CIC last expense cover

By purchasing this policy, you may make sure that dependents’ futures are protected in the event of your untimely death as the family’s primary provider. Families of all income levels are covered by its reasonably low premium cost and adjustable periods, which range from 1 to 30 years.

The CIC Family Protector was created specifically to ensure the welfare of dependents in the event of the premature death of the breadwinner. The age range and length of the coverage affect the premiums.

Need more info concerning funeral insurance cover? Feel free to talk to us any time.

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