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Health Insurance In Kenya

Health insurance is a type of insurance that pays for a policyholder’s surgical and medical costs. It either pays the insured person’s care provider directly or reimburses expenses incurred as a result of illness or accident. Here, you need to know the following: Who needs health insurance in Kenya? What is the best health insurance company in Kenya? Examples of health insurance Companies in Kenya and ten benefits of health insurance

Who needs health insurance in Kenya?

Nobody anticipates getting sick or injured, but the majority of individuals eventually need medical attention. These charges are covered by health insurance, which also guards against exceptionally high prices. It supports you when you require medical attention and safeguards you from exorbitant costs.

The best health insurance company in Kenya

For the best insurance company, you are advised to consider

AAR insurance

One of the most established and well-known insurance providers in Kenya is AAR Insurance. In 1984, it started conducting business there. The original plan for the company was to transport accident victims via air and land. But over time, AAR has increased the range of services it provides to customers. People and businesses can benefit from thorough coverage that covers maternity care, mental treatment consultations, and chronic and congenital disorders with an AAR health insurance policy.

Examples of health insurance companies in Kenya

The top medical/health insurance providers in Kenya are listed below.

Allianz insurance

Kenya’s top asset management and insurance firms include Britam. Additionally, it offers novel products like Afya Tele, a health microinsurance program accessible to entrepreneurs and registered groups with at least 10 members. Their email address is, where you can send them questions.

Jubilee Insurance

For individuals and families, Jubilee Insurance provides an all-inclusive, reasonably priced medical insurance package with access to more than 200 national healthcare facilities. Customers have the freedom to select where and how they receive care thanks to the business.

UAP holdings

UAP is one of the leading general insurers, and it initially created a sizable medical business through its corporate and SME clientele before gradually expanding its retail business. Only this supplier offers junior plans for kids under 18 without requiring an adult to be registered on the policy, as well as senior health insurance for those over 65.

A premium high-end option with limits of up to KSh 20 million is also available, in addition to the basic retail cover for people and families, the economy option aimed at the county, and a final choice with lower limitations.

Britam health insurance

Britam provides a number of options for health insurance. Individuals and families are covered by Britam Milele Retail and Kinga Ya Mkulima, while Britam Milele Corporate provides employees and their dependents with flexible inpatient coverage and fund-managed outpatient coverage. For registered businesses, NGOs, and Chamas with more than 10 members, Britam Milele Corporate is the best option.

10 benefits of health insurance

Faster access: with it, you can bypass and get treatment more easily.

Protect the entire family: With it, all family members are protected.

Coverage for mental health: Mental treatment is covered in the policy.

Availability of private hospitals: Access to private hospitals

Specialized medications and therapies: Access to specialty medications and therapies that are available

Online appointment availability: You can book your treatment online and attend without problem

Tax advantages: You may receive some tax-free money from the government.

Dental involvement: Dental problems are covered under the policy.

The power to decide: You can choose the hospital to be treated in

Calmness of mind: Always feel comfortable knowing that you will get treatment more easily.

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